Sunday, November 7, 2010

More Long Exposures of Portland's Skyline at Dusk


We've had some great cloudy sunsets during the last week, and I've gone out to catch a couple of them with my camera.  The first time out, the clouds sort of cleared up as I was shooting, so the results weren't quite as dramatic as I would have liked.  The image above is the only one from that shoot that made the final cut, you can see that there are only a couple of clouds still in the sky.


The next day I went out and did the macro photography that I featured in my previous post, and the clouds were a lot heavier as the sun crept below the horizon.  I was able to catch some really great long exposures.  My goal was to take a lot of 90-120 second shots, and for the most part I was successful.  However a couple of the test shots I did at 20 or 30 seconds ended up looking great, so I've posted the best of those as well.



I hope you've enjoyed!  I've been pretty motivated to go out and shoot lately (it's this great fall weather) so you can expect plenty of more photos to come.  I have a whole set from last night, and more than likely I'll get out to do another couple of shoots this week.  Good times.



Paul Sunstone said...

The third down from the top strikes me as especially powerful, Sean.

Sean G said...

Thank you Paul. It's always difficult to narrow them down (I had about 20 I was varying degrees of happy with) so it's nice to hear that one of my final choices strikes a tone.