Friday, November 5, 2010

Industrial SE Portland


My absolute favorite type of photos to take are these industrial style images, with my 60mm macro lens. Although I don't necessarily get too many highly magnified "macro" style images, the clarity of the lens and ability to get in close to my subjects really makes the macro lens worth hooking up for these industrial area walks.


I'm always surprised that I don't see more of this sort of photography when I look around online. There are so many little hidden treasures to be found looking around manufacturing and industrial areas. I don't take a lot of risks for any of these shots, all of them are taken from public sidewalks and the like... I don't get why other people don't see the same sort of things all that much.


As it is, I'm happy to be able to express myself through the camera in this fashion. My love of this sort of photography is the basis for the name of this blog, as I view my tripod and spray bottle to be the most important tools in making these images work. Although I could shoot this stuff handheld, and without wetting it down first, I wouldn't be able to get the level of complexity I do were I to approach it in that manner.


Thank you for looking, I hope you've enjoyed! As always, you can see more images on my flickr page, and you may follow my infrequent remarks over on twitter @pdxsean. Have a great weekend, everyone!



ApdxB said...

I LOVE this photo set!

Sean G said...

Thanks Anna! I love this style of photography, but over the years I've kind of run out of new places to try it out. It's hard to find new stuff in SE and NW industrial areas after so many visits.