Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Water - From the Beach to Downtown


After a reasonably slow month of October, I've had a pretty productive last week or photography. The first images are, actually, from October, and had sat forgotten on my hard drive until earlier this week when I remembered to post them on Flickr. I had taken a drive up to Washington's Long Beach peninsula with hopes of shooting Oysterville and their lovely state parks, but ended up at my second-fallback locations of Ilwaco and Cape Disappointment.




In the last week, we've had some good rain here in Portland, accompanied by little or no wind, which has meant some great night photography for me. I've taken a few walks around downtown with my camera and have been pretty fortunate to catch some nice images. Even better, the temperatures have been generally in the upper fifties in the evening, so it was much more comfortable than one would expect for spending hours walking around in the rain.




I'm keeping my fingers crossed for this winter, photo-wise. I hope that there will be plenty more great rainy nights, and with any luck I'll be able to shoot some fog and snow. Stranger things have happened... but either way, I'll try to stay happy with what I get.

I hope you've enjoyed, and thanks for taking the time to look at my work. You can, as always, see more of these images on my flickr account, and follow my infrequent tweets over on twitter @pdxsean.



Paul Sunstone said...

Sean, may I have your permission to republish on my blog that gorgeous lighthouse photo? With a link back to you, of course.

Sean G said...

Thank you for your kind words Paul, I am glad you like the photo. You may use that image, yes, thanks for asking.