Thursday, February 4, 2010

Some Modest Recent Results


On Sunday I went for a walk with my camera and new tripod, with the intention of catching some industrial shots and then switching to the downtown river shots as the sun set.  Things worked out well enough for me, although the industrial area I chose was a rather boring one and I didn't find a lot to shoot.  You may recall, I did find a bolt.  I was mostly interested in the item on the ground and using it as a background, but sadly it didn't come out.  The shot I did like, however, is still pretty good.


I walked throughout the neighborhood and got some good exercise, which is probably the most important part of these shoots... I am pretty lazy and do need to keep up with occasional exercise.  Turned out the few shots I did take came out interesting enough, so it's all good in the end.


The afternoon had started out partly cloudy, and I had been pretty excited about getting some great cloud shots.  They thickened up as sunset approached, however, and by the time the sun went down they were pretty thick overhead.  As usual, I was pretty happy with the way the camera is able to pick out some more interesting textures in the clouds than my eyes.


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