Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Some Rainy Downtown Shots


It was raining last night, with no wind... so I had to take advantage.  I got pretty wet, but kept my camera dry.  I was fairly happy with the shots, although some of them are a bit cluttered.  I guess that's the nature of shooting in the rain, I can't really take as much time (or posses as much dexterity) as I might like.


Despite the conditions, I managed to get a good sixty shots, and from those I had a dozen or so I liked.  Of course, half of those duplicated the other half, but it really helped being able to pick out the one that was straighter.  I had some real trouble keeping things level, as with the rain and umbrella and all, I didn't take as much time setting up the camera as usual.


One thing that always surprises me with my night shots is the extraneous clutter that I don't see when I am out shooting.  In the shot above, for example, all of those signs on the side of the street... I didn't even notice them when I was out.  Of course, with it being dark and all, I'm not sure I could have even seen them if I had known to look.  Looking through the viewfinder for these, all I really can see clearly is the lights.


I tried to play around a little with the zoom and whatever, it makes it pretty tough to get different angles when you can only stand so far out into the street.  Most of these were shot from in front of a parked car... which is why they all seem to have the edge of another car in the bottom right corner.


Finally, I headed to a parking garage I had visited a couple of months ago.  I remember saying that I would come back in the rain next time... and I did!  Good for me.

I hope you've enjoyed!

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