Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sunset from the Waterfront


I was a little surprised to see that I hadn't been down to the waterfront recently for a sunset.  I guess that is what happens when the sun sets before I get off of work... I just have fewer days to try to catch good skies and go down there.  I saw today's mostly cloudy skies, with chances of showers, and decided it would be a good chance to get another shoot in.


Boy was I right!  I was really happy with the way things came out.  Not only was I able to get a passable sunset shot (rare for downtown) but the clouds behaved the whole time I was down there and I managed to get a lot of great shots.  I even busted out the super long exposures, which I hadn't been doing many of lately.  Two minutes is a long time to wait for a shot, but boy they are worth it when they come out.




I'm looking forward to spring and the time change coming up in a few weeks.  There should be plenty of interesting opportunities as the year starts up again.  Good times.


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