Monday, January 25, 2010

Some Jewelry Macros

Chain Short Braid Detail

I was asked to take pictures of some very nice jewelry recently, and of course I was happy to help out.  These were some great pieces to work with, and I learned a lot while I was doing the little shoot.

Ruby Detail 1

Bracelet Detail

Most of these images have had some modification... there were bits of hair, crumbs, and so forth that snuck into the photos and I had to black them out.  On one or two you can see a tiny hair on the jewelry, I couldn't do much about that.  I had to brighten a few of them too, I'm terrible at accommodating for indoor work.  

Emerald Detail

Chain Link Detail 2

I think I did a good job overall, I had the white balance right and good focus on almost all of them.  Doing all this macro work reminded me of why I love that lens, but also why I need to stay in practice with it.  It has it's quirks.

Diamond Detail

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