Tuesday, August 25, 2009

86.365 The Morrison Apartments

I'm not sure why I keep thinking I can just walk outside my door and find an interesting shot in five minutes.

Tonight I walked to a bar I thought might look cool, but there were cars in front of it and people hanging out smoking, so I wasn't able to take a shot. I walked to another restaurant, and they were closed. Also, not very interesting. So there was that.

I was pretty discouraged and was considering going for another of the easy "local art" shots, then I realized I'd never really shot The Morrison.

86.365 The Morrison

The Morrison is the neighbor to The Civic, replacing the old Civic building and providing low-income housing. It's a nice looking place and it's good to see a lot of the same people living there that used to live in the Civic.

Not really a great shot, but still something relatively new. There's something in that anyway.

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