Tuesday, August 25, 2009

83, 84, and 85 - Three Weekend Shots

Finally I had a chance to go out and do my late night star shots again, although even this trip fell pretty short. I drove up to Larch Mountain again Saturday night and when I arrived just after sunset the skies were mostly clear.

However, over the next half hour as the skies darkened, the clouds rolled in. I did manage to get a couple of fairly short shots in, focusing on the small plots of sky where the clouds weren't going to cross.

83.365 Meteor

Most of my shots ended up with clouds in them, and thus came out with a very distracting red haze covering the stars. However, among the decent shots I had this one, which appears to have a meteor streaking across the side. I love the way it flares up and then burns out. Total luck! I didn't even see it when I was up there...

I got home pretty late on Sunday and didn't really have time to think about my shot of the day... it was already 11 and my brother was going to be stopping by to visit and stuff.

84.365 Mask At PGE Park

So I decided it was time to pull out the sculpture-across-the-street card. And voila. Another "meh" photo.

See, I'm making these "meh" photos become the norm. Then, after 365 is done, you'll all have lowered your expectations and then I'll be even more proud of myself than I already am. Bam!

(Speaking of lowering expectations...)

I was looking around my apartment, trying to find something interesting for tonight's shot. I was debating whether to go out and try to find something in the street, or try to find something in here.

As I was looking out the window, I saw this metal handle (shiny) and the great lines of the window (diagonally) and then the wonderful bricks and street in the background (bokeh-ey) and, well, I figured I had my shot.

This is a good example of how something can seem pretty awesome when you see it in real life, but turn out totally "huh" when you take a picture.

85.365 Windowsill

You know how when I have a really nice shot, and I say "It didn't look anything like that in real life?" Well, this is the same thing, but in the opposite direction. It's not all victory laps and high fives around here. Oh no. You're thinking of Sean E Simmons.

The 3x0 folks will get that one.

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