Monday, December 20, 2010

Portland's Peacock Lane


Last week I visited one of Portland's oldest holiday traditions, Peacock Lane. Since 1929 residents of this three block long street have decorated their homes and drawn people from all over town. I visited on opening night, when the street was closed off to cars, which made for much easier photography.




Luckily there was a steady rain falling for most of the evening, and I was able to get some nice reflections on the sidewalks and streets. The street was really crowded with people, but I did my best to take long enough exposures that none of them cluttered up the final pictures. You can see a few spots where someone stood in the same spot for the twenty or so seconds I shot (one in the above photo, and two in the below) but considering the crowds I was pretty happy with that.



Things came out really well for me, I was happy with how the pictures came out in the end. I hope you've enjoyed them, and as usual you can see more shots over on my flickr page, Thanks for taking the time to look!


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