Saturday, December 18, 2010

Portland's Christmas Ship Parade


The Christmas Ship Parade is a long-standing holiday tradition in Portland, with two fleets of ships that ply the Willamette and Columbia rivers. Recently I took a walk down to the Willamette to catch the fleet as they passed under the Steel Bridge.



These ships were tricky to shoot properly. The zoom lens I own is not really appropriate for low-light conditions, with a maximum aperture of f/3.5 and at these moderate zoom levels it was usually around f/4.8. Add into that the ships were moving at a decent clip and it took a lot of patience and some luck to get reasonably clear shots.



I hope you've enjoyed these, thanks for taking the time to view them. As usual you can see more images from this shoot, and others, on my flickr page,



ApdxB said...

I LOVE these photos! I was so sad I missed that parade the other night. We were knee-deep in shopping on Hawthorne for their "holiday stroll".

Sean G said...

Thanks Anna! With so many holiday events in Portland, it's hard to avoid some conflicts.