Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Quick Drive Through the Gorge

Multnomah Falls

One of my Flickr contacts has been posting photos of serious flooding up near Mt. Hood this week, so I decided I should probably drive out to the Gorge and get some pictures of the waterfalls with above-normal flows.  I guess I would have been smarter to get out there two days ago, when it was pouring rain and melting all the snow off the mountains, but these are more dramatic than what I've gotten during the summer.

I didn't do any hiking, instead I just drove my car down the Columbia highway and hit a few of the dramatic falls on that route.  It took just over an hour to get from Multnomah Falls through Latourelle, luckily there wasn't much traffic and the crowds were very light... at Latourelle, I was the only one there!

Latourelle Falls

As usual, there are more photos from this and other series' over on my flickr page.  I hope you've enjoyed these few photos, and hopefully I'll be getting more of them here soon.


I guess this is as good a spot as any to throw in the photos I took a few weeks ago when the gorge was all frozen over and I didn't really get to see anything other than a frozen Multnomah Falls. That was pretty neat.

Multnomah Falls - Somewhat Frozen

Thanks for looking in! Have a great week, everyone.

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