Monday, May 3, 2010

Carnival for Cinco de Mayo


The waterfront holiday season traditionally starts May 1 in Portland, as we kick off our Cinco de Mayo festival. Running through the fifth, they have rides, games, and lots of food and entertainment. A few fellow Flickr users and I got together and did some shooting.


One of them, the talented Andrew Curtis let me borrow his fish-eye lens. It was really interesting to play with. It had a manual aperture setting, which was really cool. A pretty crazy lens, it was fun to be able to play with it.



I returned to the carnival the next night, hoping for a better sky behind the rides. I'm glad when I go back to a place a second time, because it's then that I remember to try some creative shots. I figured out the timing on these zooming shots pretty quickly and had plenty to choose from when I came home.


I hope you've enjoyed!


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