Sunday, May 16, 2010

St Johns Bridge at Sunset


On my birthday, my brother had me over for dinner and cake, and I had a good time hanging out with his family.  The food was great, the kids were really well behaved, and everyone got along really well.  So good times all around.  The kids went to bed at 8, and the timing was perfect for me to skate out and hit the Sellwood Bridge at sunset.

My brother lives out near St. Johns, one of the more remote neighborhoods in Portland.  It's a twenty minute drive... longer during rush hour.  I don't get out there much, although I should.  It's a nice neighborhood with some interesting features.  I haven't visited since I bought my D80, so I'll probably have better luck if I return.



Out in St. Johns, they have the historic St. John's Bridge.  I believe this bridge would easily win in a poll for a favorite of the seven bridges crossing the Willamette... people really love this bridge.  I think it's nice, but honestly it's probably my fourth favorite, after the Steel, Fremont, and Hawthorne.  But it's nice all the same.


As I was leaving, I remembered the cool adjacent industrial area.  I literally put my car in reverse and drove backward into the parking lot.  I hopped out and enjoyed the access to the rail line and tried to make the best of it, and the last bit of light in the sky.


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Rick said...

Didn't know you had a photoblog until now! If you don't mind I'll link to you from mine.

Cool bridge photos. That's on my to-do list this summer when we're in the pdx area.