Saturday, May 1, 2010

Downtown Rain, a Watch, and the Waterfront


It's just been a series of short photo shoots for me lately, I haven't gotten out and done anything serious or particularly interesting. I wanted to share these images before I got too far backed up on my posting.



We've had a lot of rain lately and I've gotten out shooting in it a couple of times. Shooting in the rain can be really rewarding, but it does present a lot of challenges. I can never stay out for more than ninety minutes or so. In my hurry to work before I get completely soaked I tend to get a lot of crooked shots, or encounter other easily-prevented flaws.

That being said, the night/rain combination does make for some great shots.



Tonight is the first night of the Cinco de Mayo festival here in Portland. Traditionally, this has been accompanied by fireworks, so I am very excited about the possibility of getting the first fireworks of the year tonight. However, their website doesn't include the fireworks in their schedule, so it has me a little worried. I guess the worst-case scenario would be just shooting the carnival rides and so forth. Which isn't really so bad.


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