Saturday, September 11, 2010

Portland's 2010 Fashion Night Out


Twitter has served me well over the last year or so, drawing my attention to some interesting local events that I'd never have heard of otherwise. Last night's Fashion Night Out is a great example of this. I'm neither interested in fashion nor consumption in general, so I'd never have heard of this event were I not following a Portland current events account.

Fashion's Night Out One

Fashion's Night Out Two

Fashion's Night Out Three

It was a fun afternoon. Every thirty minutes the models would do their walk down the runway and basically stop and pose at one specific point. As the night went on, it became easier and easier to plan my shots and get the timing down right. The lighting was a little tough, it was overcast and even with no filters I had trouble getting a fast enough shutter speed to get crisp shots. I probably should have hiked up my ISO to compensate. Unfortunately I didn't notice the softness of many images until I came home and saw them on my PC.


Fashion's Night Out Four


All said, it was a fun way to spend a few hours and some great practice I wouldn't get otherwise. I'll definitely keep my eyes open for future runway/fashion opportunities, if nothing else it's very rewarding to take pictures of attractive people.

As always, these photos and more can be seen on my Flickr page, Thanks for looking!

Fashion's Night Out Five


zenmasterlauren said...

Oh Sean! These are excellent!!

Sean G said...

Thanks Lauren! I had fun, and best of all it wasn't even particularly crowded.