Sunday, April 11, 2010

Two Time Lapse Videos from This Weekend

Something I really don't do enough of with my camera is time lapse photography. The acrobatics exhibition at Pioneer Courthouse Square this weekend really inspired me, however, and I took a ton of pictures that could be made into videos. I had about ten segments worth, but four of them really stood out. Following the lead of my Time Lapse hero, Andrew Curtis, I kept the videos down to 90 seconds, which means I had to make two.

Unfortunately, they don't allow tripods in Pioneer Courthouse Square, so I had to do these in an impromptu fashion. For the first video, all of it was handheld. Which worked out, but I could only do 1/20 second exposures... not exactly intriguing.

For the second, I did longer exposures and sat my camera on something solid. The second segment, the camera was sitting on my bag on the ground, and unfortunately I didn't catch all of the bottom of the frame. Oh well. It's still pretty interesting. I hope you enjoy them both.

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